Why should gender restrict your clothing choices?

Why does society think that your gender should dictate what clothes you wear? How one expresses their self satorially should not be restricted by a person being defined as a man or woman. Clothes may look like a small part of the everyday, but they are one of the most consistent messages that we receive about who we are and who we are not supposed to be and let's face it gender feels like an increasingly over simplified and artificial way of identifying oneself. 

gender neutral shirtMost high street trends today focus on the idea that gender must be expressed through clothing. This can have a negative effect on society as it puts people in boxes and asks them to stay in them. It is not just the colours: pink - girls, blue - boys but the shapes, cuts, patterns and materials used by big companies that assign clothes with messages which consequently label and categorize the wearers. These fixed ideas that certain colours and patterns only belong to a certain gender group are now changing.  We like to focus on our clothing having signs that define the gender of its owner, indeed 'no labels' is our secondary brand name and is stitched into all our clothing.

no labels tag on shirts

After all we no longer live in Victorian times and there are no longer dress codes or rules when it comes to the division between the sexes. Gender neutrality is very important as it represents a gesture of liberalism and creativity. 

Our shirts are designed to fit body shapes, it is about the universality of fit that looks good on everyone and at the same time escaping the narrow confines of gender dressing. Gender neutral clothing is not a trend or a provocative statement, but fashion evolving with current times and most importantly about people loving their wardrobe and embracing the fashion that feels appropriate to each individual. 

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  • Its like me…I have man boobs (I’m little fat), and I love wear bras…. Why not mens wear bras too?? Bras was desingned to be a support the breast…

    olav on

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