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Mimi & Will - Gender Neutral Kids T-Shirts

Gender Neutral Kids Clothing

GFW Clothing is please to announce that we are now stocking a range of gender neutral kids T-shirts from Mimi & Will.  We find it offensive the way that many retailers rigidly enforce a gender distinction for children's clothes - from the colours that they decide are suitable for one gender or another through to the slogans or illustrations on the shirts themselves.

Mimi & Will's T Shirts are perfect for the children in your life; your kids, nephews and nieces or children of friends or lovers. It can be difficult for children when they see something that they like, but it is over there in the 'wrong' gender aisle. Do girls want to wear clothes with dinosaurs and rockets on them? You bet ya! These shirts have fun designs, are ethically sourced and made from organic cotton where possible.

More about Mimi & Will in their own words.

We produce  high quality, design-led t-shirts that children love wearing. We create bold designs for kids, and we don’t separate our range by gender.

We like t-shirts. We also like great design, beautiful illustration and colourful prints, and we especially like supporting the independent designers, makers and artists who create these wonderful things.

The idea for Mimi and Will came about in 2012 when we tried to get a screen-printed t-shirt from an illustrator friend of ours in a kids’ size. We discovered there weren’t any, because the of financial outlay involved in getting the shirts printed across the wide range of children’s sizes. We thought about this and started to hatch a plan whereby we could combine our love of design, supporting designer-makers and lovely t-shirts, and Mimi and Will was born in 2013.

We want our t-shirts to be worn, loved, handed-on and worn and loved again. They are high-quality and responsibly made; all our shirts are ethically sourced, made from organic cotton where possible, and are screen-printed here in the United Kingdom using eco-friendly dyes.

Our designers come from a range of backgrounds- illustrators, comic artists, even product designers.

We don’t produce separate ranges for boys and girls. They’re t-shirts, right? Pick a design you love, or let your kids decide.  They’ll love how it looks and feels, you’ll love how easy it is to wash and wear, and you can pass it on to a smaller person when you’re done.


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