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GFW Clothing body shapes explained in depth

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Why do our shirts fit female bodies so well?

High street retailers seem to have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, and sometimes a shirt that fits well around the bust might be too wide across the hips or too narrow in the arms or fits really badly across the chest. At GFW Clothing,  we know that women’s bodies have variations in bust sizes and hip width, and after much research and trying various samples on our friends we devised 3 body shape templates!  Each shirt is available in these templates.


body shapes

It is as simple as
A (Alex) ….suits a female figure with wider hips or bigger bottom
B (Billie)…suits a female figure with a bigger bust
C (Charlie) …suits a straighter figure, male or female

....and coming soon

D (Drew).... will fit male shapes whose shoulders or muscle mass means that their tops are much wider than their hips.

See our short video which shows you the variations between the shapes.


We also have a high street comparison chart which shows our sizing compared to the high street. We also decided to use our own numbering system because there is no uniformity across retailers, a size 14 in one shop can be loose but tight in another retailer.

Once you know your GFW Clothing size and shape you will be able to order knowing that our products will fit you well.

We hope that this information has made it easy for you to choose between the shapes but if you would like more help please do contact us and we can work out whether Alex, Billie or Charlie is the template for you.

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