15 times gender norms made us laugh

Ride a bike, work on a farm? This bread is for you (but not if you are a women).
First, there were gendered shower gels, now there seems to be gendered everything. In many ways society seems to be travelling backwards...and here's one reason why, if you can sell the battleships game in pink for girls and in blue for boys you can sell 2 per family instead of one!
Here are a few social posts calling out the bullshit that sums up the insane world of gendering anything and everything...
Men! Listen up! Wearing a mask is for women. If you want to attract the ladies, why not invest in an over-the-face snood for men? And, voilà, the babes are back!
 masks for men
Credit: @tressiemcphd 
 We have a few questions for the next one:
  • Does it matter? The baby won’t know what colour the room is.

  • Why aren’t there more goth babies in the world?

Credit: Vivisextion 
“A female scientist? Impossible.” - said Marie Curie never.
Credit: @jmccarty_geo
We wonder how many times this toilet has been mistaken for a broom cupboard...
Credit: @W41N1ZxA7Ct9
Men: staying uncaffeinated since 1974.
Credit: venusknife
If we really have to buy gendered shower gel then maybe we should start mixing them together. Undefeated Summer Berry: For Non-Binary People. Now that’s a shower gel we would buy!

genderized products are so strange and hilarious 😂😭 #deoderant #names #feminine #masculine #funny #humour #oof

♬ Plottwist - Andy Hansz
This toothpaste will attack your plaque if you’re a man. But it will steamroller your molars if you’re a woman. All other genders, feel free to use it as and when needed.
Gender norms...get in the bin!

Gendered trash cans? Ummm … WHY??? #pointlesslygendered #maleandfemaleversion #genderedobjects #genderedproducts #makesnosenseatall

♬ Thot Shit - Megan Thee Stallion
 Credit: @born_human
Fixed it for you.
 Credit: @lexgooglemcdoogle
Acutally this one doesn't make me laugh, it makes me angry. Literally a gendered world!
And if you don’t have a mink coat...weasel will do. 
Credit: @simonegiertz 
Gender norms are setting the world on fire...literally.
Credit: @flaplette


The Ultimate Guide on Dressing for Your Gender
This roar-some little girl shut down someone for policing her choice in toys. We say let toys be toys! In fact, there’s an entire campaign working hard to get rid of toy and book gendering.

This soap reeks of masculine insecurity...

why is this gendered soap so hilarious 2 me #MyRoutine #fyp #fypシ #foryou #lgbt #queer #gay #genderedproducts #genderedobjects

♬ original sound - cherri.satin 

Credit: @cherri.satin


Luckily, we don’t enforce gender norms here at Gender Free World (it’s in the name). Take a look at our collection here!

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