5 effortless looks for the “new normal” - pandemic style

Main photo: @jeessssiiee
There’s no denying that the pandemic has changed what we used to see as “normal” in everyday life. From working from home to socially distant socialising with friends, we’ve all had to change at least some of our daily routine to accommodate these changes. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun with what you wear. We’re coming up to a new season now, so it’s the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe or try out some new styles. Here are just a few ideas for various scenarios in our “new normal”...

Date night / night on the town

Planning a night out with your partner? Fancy hitting the bars with some mates? Dressing up for a night on the town is still very much a thing during pandemic times - and there isn’t just one way to do it. 
Pictured above, Jessie goes suave with a fitted suit and an Oxford shirt buttoned up to the nines. If you're feeling in a dress/skirt mood then you could take a very Autumnal leaf out of Calvin Klein model Jari Jones' book and go for a charming patchwork cotton dress with an edgy leather jacket - very urban boho, perfect for a romantic evening out.
 Fall looks
Lucy Spraggan has always been on point with her style - especially with her awesome date night outfit from last week. Now that the weather is getting a little cooler here in the UK, it’s the prime time to wear lightweight suits - the zanier the pattern, the better. If you’re not into crop tops, just swap it for a cotton vest.
Lucy Spraggan. Looks for the new normal
Billie Eilish also wears matching trousers and shirts - except hers are more oversized, a nod to the hip-hop look.

Working from home

Even though furlough ends in October, some of you may still need to work from home. It’s tempting to just take phone calls in our PJs and video calls in casual clothes, but dressing up for work can make you feel better inside - something we all need if we’re working from home!
dapper suit
Photo: @suolokin
Some of you may still want to dress up, so you could go Nikolous' way and wear a bow tie, preferably a patterned bow tie in a bright colour! Be careful though, you could be in danger of becoming the fashionista in your office ;)
You don’t have to go the whole hog when it comes to smart-casual wear. Eli Erlick is a dab hand at looking dapper – and looks part in a well-fitting aviation-inspired shirt, coupled with a very handsome pair of glasses.
 Photo: @elierlick

Family time

Whether they're your blood relatives or a tight-knit group of friends (your "found family!") times with the people who you consider your family unit is so important during the pandemic. Chris McCutie has the early Autumn look down! They pair grounded, colours and deep, rich tones with beautifully creative patterns and accessories such as headbands, silver chains and geometric animal prints.
Alternatively, an oversized sweatshirt could be a good choice, as they’re the “blank canvas” of the fashion world at the moment!
Photo:  Jakayla Toney on Unsplash
Any pattern or image that screams “the 90s” is a surefire hit trend-wise. This includes grunge/rock band logos, cartoon characters, food/drink logos, zany Saved By the Bell style patterns and sports brands. Popular colours include baby pink, mustard yellow, lime greens, deep indigos, neon purples and, of course, classic black! The great thing about sweatshirts is you can add another dimension to them with jewellery. High-necked sweaters or t-shirts go so well with a plain chain or with a layered necklace. A lot of layered necklaces feature charms, pendants and inscriptions of their own - especially sports brands such as Nike.
Bling may be back, but if that’s not your style and you still want to accessorise, then just go simple! Crew neck t-shirts and necklaces are a match made in androgynous fashion heaven. 

Catching up with friends

Dungarees are having a very lovely revival at the moment! This bodes well for many people as they’re comfy, still alternative and they look really, really cool. Erica Jean wears the camo dungarees with an understated black t-shirt, so the pattern really pops. 
Photo @curve_model
Lucy & Yak is only a ten minute drive from GFW Clothing showroom and they specialise in crafting some of the trendiest dungarees ever!
Denim, and even double denim, is still a great casual look. The double denim itself can be the focal point, just like Kai Wes’ outfit.
Photo: @kai__wes
Or the denim can be used as a blank canvas to accessorise or you could just go back to basics with a fresh white tee and a gorgeous haircut à la Rain Dove. 

Chill time

We all need some down time now and again, even the most seasoned of party animals. Think retro t-shirts emblazoned with your favourite TV shows and bands like Saskia’s.
Photo: @adisasz
It's getting a bit colder now, so you could add more to the outfit with a slouchy cardigan - very Kurt Cobain and the 90s grunge look is very popular, phew, because it's comfy and encourages shopping in charity shops.
Fox Fisher is also an expert at looking effortlessly cool whatever they are doing! In this pic below, we think they do the casual look well with a chunky knit beanie with the classic plain white tee. It tells us Fox works hard and plays hard - not surprising considering they are one of the biggest transgender activists in the UK!
Ready to mix up your style? Changed clothing size during lockdown? Or just want to try a new look? Make sure to check out our online shop or our pre-loved clothing group on Facebook!

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