Black Friday Discounts? Plant a Tree Instead!



1st December. 

53 orders qualified for the 'plant a tree' promo and we will be donating £265 to the Trees for Cities project.



From 6pm on the 25th through to midnight on the 29th of November we will be helping a tree planting charity continue their amazing work.

For every order over £50 we will donate £5 to

They're a UK charity working at a national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities.

They also partner with like-minded organisations worldwide and have carried out tree planting projects in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Peru.

They work with local communities to cultivate lasting change in their neighbourhoods – whether it’s revitalising forgotten spaces, creating healthier environments or getting people excited about growing, foraging and eating healthy food.

Commitment to transparency

We will update this page after the 1st of December to show the amount of qualifying sales and how much our customers have raised over this period.

Why is Black Friday not such a great idea?

Well for a few reasons really.

It encourages unnecessary consumption - do you really need that super discounted electronic gadget that punches holes into paper in a millionth of a second when a regular hole punch can do it?

What kind of margins are these retailers making if they can discount at 70%? Smaller brands and independent shops are not making Amazon-like profits (oh yeah, and they pay tax too, unlike Luxembourg based giants).

Are they actual deals? Many shops put their prices up in the weeks leading up to this marketing event so they can then discount.

Also, let's be honest - the fashion industry is not very sustainably friendly, especially fast fashion. We encourage 'slow fashion' - buy a few pieces that you really like and are well made and will last you. We try to be as sustainable as we can, but we are still leaving a footprint. It feels better to try to acknowledge this with a tree planting offset than pretend it isn't so.

Check out these articles with more info.

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