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Handmade Bow Tie Range - New From GFW Clothing

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How are excited are we to introduce our new bow tie range?

A range of 24 different self tie bow ties made from vintage fabric by designer Dina Malkova.


  • Hand made from vintage fabric - totally sustainable, no fabric production footprint.
  • Adjustable neck length, 13-16" which is slightly smaller than a traditional men's bow tie to fit smaller neck sizes.
  • Exclusive range designed for GFW Clothing, you won't find these anywhere else.
  • Limited numbers, when they are gone they are gone!
  • Each bow tie is packaged in a vintage style gift box made of recycled paper.


More about Dina from Lewes Bow Ties below.

Lewes Bow Ties is the winner of Etsy UK and the British Library Redesign Alice in Wonderland Competition 2015

Dina's story "The winding path that led me throughout my life involves running a big hotel in Tashkent, setting and running a fashion design business; Human Wear and studying enterprise management for the creative arts at the University of Arts in London. In a combination of timing, hard work and a dash of luck, I found myself striking out to create my own art as a career.
Inspiration is everywhere for me. It's in the air, sunlight, my brother’s paintings, folk songs, a little girl walking down the street in pink Wellingtons, colour of a freshly caught fish scales, in witty and funny conversations with my mum, window shopping with Madi, my friend. 
I spend a lot of time gathering and soaking up inspiration and then suddenly, explosions of ideas go off one after another. Sometimes the inspiration strikes so quickly that I'm scrambling for a scrap of paper to sketch or scribble. I love collecting old hand-made vintage fabrics and then use them in my designs. For me, working with vintage textiles is about seeing and feeling the texture and history of the place they come from. I like the fact that the old fabrics or materials can be re-cycled and re-used again and again.
I am designing and making clothes that take into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people who make them for me. I try to use as much organic raw materials as possible, such as silk made by worms fed on mulberry tree, or cotton which grown without pesticides and not been harvested by children. My items don't involve the use of harmful chemicals and are often made from recycled and reused textiles."

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