Lace For All

Here at GFW we love the upending of gender norms and couldn’t help but notice the amazing discussions about the recent addition of Romper Suits and Lace for the male market. RompHim™ the kickstarter sensation from Aced Design is about to drop after a lotta love from men wanting a bit of the romper action traditionally only available to the ‘women’s’ market with proportions that were never going to work for anyone but the petite amongst our fellow humans.

 romper suits for men

Then we got the Lace Short storm on Twitter and Instagram, when rapper Cazwell posted pictures of lace shorts he commissioned for his latest music video with matching shirts made by Hoza Rodriguez, designer and owner of streetwear brand Hologram City who pushes some gender norms with sheer fabrics and belly baring tops. The lace shorts have proved so popular that Rodriguez has done a second run. Available at $49 a pair.

Although this isn’t something we haven’t seen before, it is very interesting in terms of its place in streetwear rather than being reserved for the catwalk or album covers of the wild and wonderful celebrity. Youth culture has always been the place for subverting the ordering of things and often these observations whether conscious or not that come around in youth culture are paired with a statement in the form of clothing. What seeing ‘men in lace shorts’ does, is shine a light on some of the oddities around gender expression and clothing. As pointed out by Crystal Tate writing for Allure, the debate that follows can be as angry and divided as British politics in 2017. “The fact that people are actually upset about this (and still using the phrase "real man") proves that we definitely have a lot of thinking to do about our perceptions of which clothes are "appropriate" for people of any gender.”

Are we seeing Radical reform?

Probably not, but fashion is so regularly the place to at the very least open a dialogue again about accepted norms and what they are really about. What is very wonderful about this though; is the fact that it focuses on men. Here at GFW Clothing we do of course get asked often about androgyny and gender ambiguity and if we are talking about norms why we chose to design more traditionally ‘masculine’ clothes; and why androgyny seems to lean more in the direction of ambiguous feminine presenting as somewhat masculine rather than the other way around.  I will leave the discussion of the rigidity of masculinity for those more versed but LOOK: Lace shorts and playsuits. You will be happy to know we have also introduced a selection of lace underwear designed with space from our lovely friends at WickedMmm.

 man in lace pants

We accept that norms exist (for now) and we want to let you know that if you want to find something outside of what you can already buy on the high-street then we will champion that and try our hardest to provide it or show you where to find it if we can.





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