Patterned Button Up Shirts by GFW Clothing

Super-fun patterned button up shirts + the perfect fit for your body = the DNA of GFW 

Here at GFW we believe that everybody deserves to have a fantastic shirt to fit not only their body, but also their awesome style. GFW was a business born out of frustration - we were bone-tired of the insipid range of shirts on offer in the womenswear section. Why were they so dull, so puff-sleeved, so demurely pastel/stripey/floral? Over in the mens department there was a carnival of bright colours and bold prints, but they didn't nearly fit our body shape. Why were shirt patterns so gendered? Why was clothing even separated by gender? Why wasn't anyone doing anything about it? 

Well sometimes you just have to roll up your (button up shirt) sleeves and sort it out yourself!

We work with a number of talented illustrators and textile designers and are so proud of our fantastic designs - the featured picture is of Emery Smith showing the original artwork they made for the popular Sunset Starling short sleeve button up shirt. Emery is also responsible for many of our other designs including the Unicorn, Merfolk, Books and Autumn Leaves patterns. The Cats and Sappho prints are the work of Victoria Suvoroff  and Esme Mackenzie designed the Brighton Town and Meercat prints. Below is a selection of some of our personal favourites, including limited edition runs which are no longer available.

We've got a bunch of great ideas for upcoming production, but we thought we'd turn it over to you and see what sort of things you'd like to see featured in our designs. What do you love, what do you want to show off about yourself? We've had some great suggestions recently that we're working on bringing to life, but we're always hungry for more.

So have a think, comment below, comment a bunch, hit up your friends for suggestions, don't be shy!

Merfolk pattern shirt GFW

Merfolk Print 

Sunset fabric design GFW Clothing

Sunset Starlings Print

Brighton Print

Brighton Print

Cats Print GFW Clothing

Cats Print

bicycle print design GFW Clothing

Navy bicycle print

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