11 Things Lesbians Are Fed Up of Hearing

 A lighthearted list of our top 11 things lesbians get asked or told, which are like, annoying! 


1. "You don't look gay."

I'm sorry, let me practice my entrance again...


2. You just haven't found the right man.

Really? Really?


3. "How did you tell your parents?"

This is not a story you need to know, sunshine.


4. "But how did you know?"

Didn't you realise they send you a letter these days?

5. "I bet I could turn you..."

Please don't even try, you will fail.


6. "How do lesbians have sex?"

Let me count the ways...


7. "Does that mean you fancy me?"

Just go away


9. "Can I watch?"

Do you always ask such stupid questions?


10. "Is it really sex though?"

You bet it is.


11. "I kissed a girl once..."

Well done Katy Perry.



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