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Androgynous Fashion Tomboy Style

Androgynous & Tomboy Style Shirts

Choose from one of 3 body templates to fit you rather than your gender.

Welcome to a different kind of on-line shopping experience, where you are treated as an individual rather than defined by your gender.  Maybe you don't want to wear a pastel shirt with a frilly collar.  Maybe you like the look of men's clothes but they just don't fit your body shape. Our clothes have a gender neutral appreciation but are designed to fit the variations in people's bodies - hips, bottoms, shoulders and breasts are all different and we have designed for these in mind.  We have 3 body shape templates per shirt style, which means our shirts fit like they were tailored individually for you.

If you like gender neutral, androgynous or tomboy style clothing this is your store.

Alex & Billie

Many women have found it difficult buying shirts if they have a larger chest or wider hips. Our different body shape templates help solve this problem.  Traditionally if you had a larger bust or hips many women would end up buying a shirt 1 or 2 sizes bigger so that they fit these areas.  With Alex and Billie you can now select a smaller size knowing that your larger areas are accommodated. 

Blue Shirt Alex Fit TomboyPenguin Shirt Billie Fit Tomboy

Alex fit for hips                   Billie fit for busts

Charlie & Drew

If you are one of the 45% of women who are a similar width across your hips and shoulders then Charlie is the shape for you. Charlie will also fit some male shapes. If you are a man whose shoulders or chest are much wider than your hips you will have to wait for our Drew range (due out in the autumn) which caters for your shape.

man in gender neutral shirt

Charlie Neutral Fit


When you are ready to buy the shirts you like, ensure you choose either Charlie, Billie or Alex before choosing the size.  See our sizing guide to cross reference your measurements against our styles. 

Androgynous shirts group shot

 Androgynous shirts are us!