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Gender Neutral Clothing

We make shirts in 4 different shapes so they fit your body not your gender. We also stock hats, vests, pants for tomboys and for people with packages.

Clothes for every body

  • Our shirts will fit. We offer 4 different body shapes to choose from.
  • Made in Manchester by craftspeople paid a fair wage, it is important to us that our clothes are not made in sweatshop conditions or using child labour.
  • We care, and want you to look good and feel comfortable in a style that suits you.
  • We also have a showroom in Hove, do pop in for a fitting if you are visiting.

What's with the 'gender free' stuff?

  • Our shirts are designed to fit your body rather than your gender. It's that simple.
  • Our boxer shorts have a unique unisex design which accommodates physical differences.
  • Bodies do not come as 'one size fits all', and neither do our shirts. See sizing guide.
  • Be yourself - no labels.

Dress - Tuxedo - Shirt
Tiger Long Sleeve Shirt
Penguin Print Long Sleeve Shirt
Sugar Skulls Long Sleeve Shirt
Cherry Print Long Sleeve Shirt
Bike Print Short Sleeve Shirt
Bee Print Short Sleeves Shirt
Fishes Print Short Sleeve Shirt
Penguin Short Sleeve Shirt