Our sizing

We design for every*body.

Our current ranges come in 3 or 4 different body shape templates depending on the shirt design.
gfw shirt shapes
Alex - has more room for wider hips or bigger bottoms
  • your hips measure 9cm or more larger than your bust measurement.
  • or your tummy/waist is similar or bigger than your bust measurement
  • if you fit a classic 'pear shape' description
  • If your trouser size is one or two sizes larger than your top size eg a 14 for trousers but 10 or 12 for tops.
GFW clothing Alex body shape size 7
Model  Alex 7
Billie - has more room for much bigger busts
  • your bust size is significantly larger in relation to the rest of you
  • your cup size is larger than an EE and you have a smaller waist measurement than your chest by at least 10 cm.
  • If your trouser size is one or two sizes smaller than your top size. Eg a 10 for trousers but 12 or 14 for tops.
gender free world body shape Billie
Models: Billie 1 and Billie 5
Charlie - a classic cut, loose fit.
  • your shoulders and hips are similar widths regardless of your waist size
  • you might describe your figure as straight up and down or
  • you might describe your figure as apple shaped or
  • you might describe your figure as hourglass
  • you may or may not have breasts
  • you take the same size in tops and in trousers
gender free world charlie shapegfw clothing charlie shape
Models: Charlie 5 and Charlie 3.   
Drew - similar to a traditional 'menswear' shirt cut, but of course you don't need to be male to wear it, will fit you if
  • you have a long body
  • your shoulders are much broader than your hips
gfw clothing Drew body shape for shirts
Model wears Drew 3
If you normally have to buy a size up to get a fit for your hips or bust you may be able to choose a smaller size than other retailers as Billie and Alex shapes have more room for these areas.
Please contact us if still unsure Contact Us
All shirts are loose fit style, choose a smaller size if you prefer a slim fit. As all shirts are 100% cotton there may be a little shrinkage on washing - estimate 3%, wash at 30°C to minimise this and protect the environment.

Our short video explains the difference between the shapes.
High Street Comparison Table.
Note that the equivalent US and UK sizes are an approximation - a size 20 in one store maybe different in another than a size 20 in another -  which is exactly why we have our own sizing! 
The measurements below are your body's not the shirt size and are the optimum dimensions for a looser fit, choose a smaller size if you prefer a slim fit. For Alex shapes the hip measurement is the most important and for Billie shapes the bust.


How to measure: hips, the widest part including the bottom. Waist, over the belly button and around. Chest/bust, over the nipples and around the torso.


Alex is the right choice for you if your lower half is 8+ cm bigger than your chest and you are likely to take a bigger size for trousers. The UK / US equivalent size below relates to your top half.

Billie sizes are made to accommodate a much larger bust. You know if you have had problems with shirt hanging from your chest in the past, this is the right fit for you.
Charlie, for those who have similar proportioned hips and shoulders. 

Drew, for longer bodies and shoulders wider than hips. A cut which is similar to a traditional men's shirt.
Alex Billie Charlie Drew
No Alex in this size No Billie in this Size Charlie 0 (=UK 8/USA 2-4 Mens xxs) No Drew in this size
Chest max 82-90cm
Hips max 85-91cm
Waist max 85cm
Alex 1 (=UK 10//USA 6) Billie 1 (=UK 10/USA 6) Charlie 1 (=UK 10/USA 6/Mens xS) No Drew in this size
Chest 87-96cm Bust/chest 93-105cm cup size DD/E+ Chest 87-96cm
Hips 91-106cm Hips 88-94cm Hips 88-94cm
Waist max 94cm Waist max 93cm Waist max 93cm
Alex 2 (=UK 12/USA 8) Billie 2 (=UK 12/USA 8) Charlie 2 (=UK 12/ USA 8/Mens S) No Drew in this size
Chest 92-100cm Bust/chest 101-109cm cup size F+ Chest 92-100cm
Hips 101-111cm Hips 95-100cm Hips 95-100cm
Waist max 99cm Waist max 98cm Waist max 98cm
Alex 3 (=UK 14/USA 10) Billie 3 (=UK 14/USA 10) Charlie 3 (=UK 14/USA 10/Mens M) Drew 3 / S
Chest 97-105cm Bust/chest 106-114cm cup size G+ Chest 97-105cm Chest 96-103cm
Hips 106-116cm Hips 100-105cm Hips 100-105cm Waist max 104cm
Waist max 104cm Waist max 103cm Waist max 103cm Shoulder seam to cuff 66.6cm
Alex 4 (=UK 16/USA 12) Billie 4 (=UK 16/USA 12) Charlie 4 (=UK 16/USA 12/Mens M-L) Drew 4 / M
Chest 102-110cm Bust/chest 111-118cm cup size G+ Chest 102-110cm Chest 101-107cm
Hips 111-121cm Hips 105-110cm Hips 105-110cm Waist max 109cm
Waist max 109cm Waist max 108cm Waist max 108cm Shoulder seam to cuff 67cm
Alex 5 (=UK 18/USA 14) Billie 5 (=UK 18/USA 14) Charlie 5 (=UK 18/USA 14/ Mens L) Drew 5 / L
Chest 107-115cm Bust/chest 116-123cm cup size G+ Chest 107-115cm Chest 107cm -113cm
Hips 116-126cm Hips 110-115cm Hips 110-115cm Waist max 114cm
Waist max 114cm Waist max 113cm Waist max 113cm Shoulder seam to cuff 67.5cm
Alex 6 (=UK 20/USA 16) Billie 6 (=UK 20/USA 16) Charlie 6 (=UK 20/USA 16/Mens xL) Drew 6 / xL
Chest 114-123cm Bust/chest 123-130cm cup size G+ Chest 114-123cm Chest 112cm-119cm
Hips 122-130cm Hips 116-122cm Hips 116-122cm Waist max 119cm
Waist max 120cm Waist max 119cm Waist max 119cm Shoulder seam to cuff- 68cm
Alex 7 (=UK 22/USA 18) Billie 7 (=UK 22/USA 18) Charlie 7 (=UK 22/USA 18/Mens xxL) Drew 7 / xxL
Chest 120-130cm Bust/chest130-137cm cup size G+ Chest 120-130cm Chest 117cm-125cm
Hips 126-134cm Hips 121-128cm Hips 121-128cm Waist max 125cm
Waist max 126cm Waist max 125cm Waist max 125cm Shoulder seam to cuff 68.5 cm
Alex 8 (=UK 24/USA 20) No Billie in this Size Charlie 8 (=UK 24 / USA 20/ Mens xxxL) Drew 8 / xxxL
Chest 128-137cm Chest 127-137cm Chest 123cm - 132cm
Hips 130-142 cm Hips 128-136cm Waist 132cm
Waist max 134cm Waist max 133cm Shoulder seam to cuff 69.1cm
No Alex in this size No Billie in this Size Charlie 9 (=UK 26 / USA 22/ Mens xxxxL) No Drew in this size
  Chest 125-145cm  
  Hips 136-144cm  
    Waist max 141cm  
Our short video explains shows you how to measure yourself. Apologies, but please note that we are no longer sending out free tape measures.
If you are unsure contact us and we can help you choose the best fit.

Unisex boxer shorts

GFW size and womenswear equivalent

Traditional menswear equivalent Actual waistband width, relaxed to extended (flat measurement x2 for total circumference) Front rise excluding elastic
GFW 0 = UK 8 / US 4  xxS / 26-28 in  34.5 - 46cm 20cm
GFW 1 = UK 10 / US 6 xS / 28- 30 in 37cm - 48.5cm 21cm
GFW 2 = UK 12 / US 8 S / 30 - 32 in 39.5cm-51cm 22cm
GFW 3 = UK 14 / US 10  M / 34- 36 in 42cm-53.5cm 23cm
GFW 4 = UK 16 / US 12 L / 36 - 38 in 44.5cm-56cm 24cm
GFW 5 = UK 18 / US 14  xL 38-41 in 47.5-59cm 25cm


Actual measurement of the garments are shown in the chart below. The waistband has an additional 12 cm when extended. As you may be aware S, M, L etc are relative terms and very a lot between brands, in this instance they compare more to menswear sizing, and we show a similar equivalent in UK and US womenswear sizing.
Bottoms Long sleeve Top Raglan Sleeves Vest Top
S = UK 10/12, US 6/8

Waistband relaxed: 74cm

Leg length: 98cm

Chest: 100cm Chest: 100cm  Chest: 88cm
M = UK 14/16, US 10/12

Waistband relaxed:84cm

Leg length: 100cm

Chest: 110cm Chest:110cm Chest: 98cm
L = UK 18/20, US 14/16

Waistband relaxed:95cm

Leg length:101cm

Chest: 120cm Chest: 120cm Chest: 108cm
XL = UK 22/24, US 18/20

Waistband relaxed:107cm

Leg length:102cm

Chest: 130cm Chest: 130cm Chest: 118