Fat Boy Slim


Fat Boy Slim, musician and DJ in our bee print.

He bought two shirts in June '17.

"People always come up to me saying 'where do you get your cool shirts from?
And now I say - gender free world”


Lucy Spraggan



Lucy Spraggan, musician, in our signature penguin print.

"It's a really cool design and I love the fact in comes in different shapes.
This is a Charlie and it fits great.”





Mx Jack Monroe, the food writer. 

"A boxy cut that balances shoulders to hips. Excellent shirt, excellent cut, excellent customer service,
and I know shopping outside of the gender binary can be a frickin' nightmare so when I find something this good I wanna tell you"



Zoe Lyons

Zoe Lyons, comedian, wearing a Charlie black long sleeve.

"At last, someone who understands the market which doesn’t want to squeeze itself into a gender specific style.
I can now stop having to look in both sections to find something I like. It will be a shirt for life!”



Kathy Caton
Kathy Caton, Radio Reverb presenter and Brighton Gin founder, wearing our blue chambray shirt.

"The innovation of the hidden button is absolutely magic, as I am constantly buying shirts that don’t fit me and gape at the top.
It’s so great to get a shirt that is comfortable and fits!”



Based on 238 reviews
The perfect fit!

I’ve always had wide hips and a big bum. And I love wearing shirts. Unfortunately these things don’t always go hand in hand! This is honestly the first time where I think “this shirt fits perfectly!” I’m so happy and can’t wait to wear it to my cousin’s wedding!


Sent back first order as the gems didn’t line up, the replacement did either but not as bad and kept. After 4-5 Careful washes the colour is fading and a number of the penguins now a bronze brown colour in sections. Really disappointing.

Love this shirt

I love the fit and quality of this shirt. The buttons are fab too! Gives a white shirt a fabulous lift and boost of colour


Very comfortable, very soft

Fab shirt great fit

I love this shirt and the great fit, I get a billie 1 and it fits so much better than the department store shirts that I have to buy 2 sizes up to get round my chest! Good job gfw!

Instant favourites

Treated myself to a pair of these, they are beautiful pants, so soft and comfortable to wear, well worth the money, They look awesome on, will be definitely buying some more

Love this shirt!

It’s so hard for me to find button downs that fit because I’m smaller on the top than bottom. But these shirts fit perfectly and look awesome. I bought 4 in different colors!

Love this shirt!

It’s so hard for me to find button downs that fit because I’m smaller on the top than bottom. But these shirts fit perfectly and look awesome. I bought 4 in different colors!

Love this shirt!

It’s so hard for me to find button downs that fit because I’m smaller on the top than bottom. But these shirts fit perfectly and look awesome. I bought 4 in different colors!

Clever Design

Well I haven't played chess since school, but I did watch Queens Gambit. Loved the idea of this shirt, and was pleased to discover that it fit my big boobed body well (turns out I'm a Billie 3). Will be back.

Burgundy Long Sleeve Shirt
Jo Dugal-Heffernan
Burgundy shirt

I love this shirt! It’s great quality and well fitting. Many thanks.

Super comfy

These are definitely the best and most comfortable pants ever. Where have they been all my life?!


Very comfortable, will be getting some more.

Amazing service

Could never find a shirt to fit me. Now found my perfect online shop. Will definitely order again. Thanks 👍👍👍

(plus size) I love the shirt.... EXCEPT for the arms

Considering the size I had to order, across all of the shirts I ordered, the arms were very MUCH too small, painfully so. To be clear, I love everything else about the shirts, but this is clearly a design issue that while they are thinking about people's bodies who are larger, they haven't put in the same consideration that those of us who are larger often have larger arms. So, I was disappointed, because I REALLY have been looking forward to these shirts.

Great shirt

I am very happy with my new GFW shirt. It fits well and easy to move in. It helps me stand tall and I love the rainbow button detail.

Soft, but I'm not sure

I really wanted to love these, but I'm still not sure. The material is lovely and soft, but there is a seam on the inner thigh that I find a little irritating. I'll keep wearing them, but I'm not yet sure if I'll buy any more.

Hi Kat. After a few washes the seam should not be noticeable. Can you give it a little time and then if you find this is so for you please do report back or update the review to reflect this.


Great shirt. Love the style, material and fit. Brilliant idea to have shirts made to the different body shapes. So, so pleased. High recommend 👍😁

Great shirt

Great quality shirt and perfect size too! This is my second one from GFW and know for a fact it won't be my last!

Khaki Long Sleeve Shirt
Shannon Clarke
Love almost everything about my new shirt

Great quality. Love the concept and the size range. Only problem is that the shirt is really quite short.

super soft

great color and great feeling, I love it

My favourite shirt

I actually ordered a second one of these because it's the only shirt I want to wear. Highly recommend it

Fabulous pants

They were a gift, she loves them.


I love this shirt and is definitely my favourite. Having a bigger chest it’s been so difficult to find shirts that I feel comfortable in but also says a bit about my personality. Will defo be getting more! Thanks , it’s helped my confidence so much

Thumbs up

Really cool design. I was surprised at the colour, it’s definitely greyer than it appears online, but that’s not a bad thing. Great quality and good fit.