Fat Boy Slim


Fat Boy Slim, musician and DJ in our bee print.

He bought two shirts in June '17.

"People always come up to me saying 'where do you get your cool shirts from?
And now I say - gender free world”


Lucy Spraggan



Lucy Spraggan, musician, in our signature penguin print.

"It's a really cool design and I love the fact in comes in different shapes.
This is a Charlie and it fits great.”





Mx Jack Monroe, the food writer. 

"A boxy cut that balances shoulders to hips. Excellent shirt, excellent cut, excellent customer service,
and I know shopping outside of the gender binary can be a frickin' nightmare so when I find something this good I wanna tell you"



Zoe Lyons

Zoe Lyons, comedian, wearing a Charlie black long sleeve.

"At last, someone who understands the market which doesn’t want to squeeze itself into a gender specific style.
I can now stop having to look in both sections to find something I like. It will be a shirt for life!”



Kathy Caton
Kathy Caton, Radio Reverb presenter and Brighton Gin founder, wearing our blue chambray shirt.

"The innovation of the hidden button is absolutely magic, as I am constantly buying shirts that don’t fit me and gape at the top.
It’s so great to get a shirt that is comfortable and fits!”



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Romeo Tank Top
L.K. (Edinburgh, GB)
Super comfy!

I love this kind of tank top, so I had to grab a few while they're around. Glad I did. Wish I'd heard of the brand before!

I did take one star off because the arm holes fit weirdly, at least on me, and don't necessarily cover much - maybe compared to some tank tops, but since they're specifically advertised as being narrow it feels worth noting that they're not really *that* narrow.

Charcoal Long Sleeve Shirt
Jane A (London, GB)
Great shirt great fit

Love it and love the inner button so no gaps in shirt! Just want even wider range as I think I own every one!

Franklin Long Sleeves
Ven (Southampton, GB)
Great T-shirt

Guys, if you are thinking about getting one of these, do yourself a favour and get 2. This T-shirt is fantastic quality, it’s heavy cotton count. It keeps great shape and the colour is sublime ( got the lilac). I am actually thinking about getting another one, just different colour. I mean with the price you can’t go wrong.

Astronomy Print Long Sleeve Shirt
Anne Matthews (Haywards Heath, GB)

Gorgeous shirt, lovely fit. Rich navy blue spattered with stars - great for special days or evenings out. Fantastic quality, top end price-wise but worth every penny. I have a collection of GFW shirts and they all still look as good as new

Charcoal Long Sleeve Shirt
Anne Matthews (Haywards Heath, GB)

Beautiful shirt, smart, casual. I love my GFW collection. Previously wore Charlie shape but find that Billie fits more comfortably across the chest.

Cute & Fits Well!

I got the leaf print and bike print shirts. Get a friend to help you measure, the size guide was very helpful. I like the sleeve buttons. It's a comfortable shirt, thinner material than I expected but seems durable. Quick delivery to the US. The one thing I'd change is using a more flexible fabric or loose fit around the sleeves for easier movement - with a bike pattern on a shirt, I'd want it to be a bit more comfortable to bike in.

Linen Blend Blue Shirt
Trace (Grimsby, GB)
Linen Blend Blue Shirt

Love the shirt, beautifully made. And great quality. I highly recommend GFW.

Geo Print Black Short Sleeve Shirt

I love the pattern. And the quality is lovely. And the service is always good.

Polka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt
Trace (Grimsby, GB)
Poka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt

Lovely Shirt. I've purchased quite a few shirts from GFW. And they never fail to produce wonderful shirts that are excellently made and very comfortable.

Books Long Sleeve Shirt Billie 5 and a half

Penguin Short Sleeve Shirt
Cait (Didcot, GB)
Comfortable, well-fitted shirt

Really love this shirt. I am not usually a big fan of wearing shirts, as I don't like the way they look on me. I have wide hips so they never fit me correctly and are either too tight or baggy but I love the Alex fit. It is smart but still fun. I will definitely look into getting more shirts from here.

Boxer Shorts - Raspberry - Unisex
Ally McM (Birmingham, GB)
Item was out of stock

Have to laugh that they've asked me to review an item that was not actually available in my size and they had to swap these for another colour. Really wanted the raspberry as they had the black waistband option - which I much prefer to the white. Mentioned this when they contacted me to swap item only to be told they're stopping doing the black waistbands altogether. For this reason I will probably not buy anymore. Shame because as a member of the LGBTQ community I like to support related companies. But other companies do have black waistband options so guess I'll have to buy elsewhere. I will still be getting shirts from you tho!

Awesome Autumn Leaves

I love this company and I love the shirts. They fit well and the designs are brilliant. I have never felt so comfortable in clothing, it makes me feel like me. I also I like the company. Always delivered on time and loyalty rewards are a nice bonus. It feels personal, like they really value me as a customer. If you like the designs give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Orange Swirl Long Sleeve Shirt
Angela Hall (Ripley, GB)
Orange Swirl

Simply awesome I love it .


I'm not entirely sure how else to describe my experience purchasing this shirt through this website.
I happened upon this shirt while looking through Google and was rather excited to find a pattern so lovely in a shirt and as a nonbinary individual to find a website catering towards different body-types I was elated to find that I could order an article of clothing that conforms to my gender identity. Unfortunately my experience with this website has been similar to my experience with most other clothing websites in that someone AMAB will have a harder time finding different looking clothes that sized well to me.

I was happy to try and eat the higher cost for a shirt design that was hard to find and shipping to the US.
When it got here, however, I found that my normal shirt-sizing did not match what I'd expected, it was very tight. I requested an exchange for one size up (since it felt like that would do the trick) and after waiting about a month for my return to go though (blame overseas holiday shipping, I suppose) I finally received the size up in the mail. This time it fit NEARLY perfectly but was evidently sized for someone a foot shorter than me.

After talking once more with support I was told that I should have gone with a "Drew" sizing (not "Charlie" which I assumed was masc) which was inconveniently not listed for this shirt and I was unaware of its existence until looking around on the website for sizing information. I was also told that they could refund me the cost of my last return's shipping but I would have to eat the cost of shipping the full return because my size (height) is not sold in this pattern.

So apparently now I am out $30 and a shirt.

TL;DR be VERY cautious about your sizing as this is not a simple button-up purchase.
The shirt itself was fine, the material wasn't as soft as I'd have liked. Not terrible, just up to you. The pattern itself was very nice. I really wish I could have actually gotten to wear it.

Great quality long sleeved shirt, lovely colour and a good fit.

Boxer Shorts - Black - Unisex
Sivan (Croydon, GB)
Needed a neutral pair

I'd say the second picture better reflects the actual length (human over plastic). Soft fabric and comfy size.

Boxer Shorts - Teal - Unisex
Sivan (Croydon, GB)
By far my favourites

I bought 4 pairs and I love these the most - the colour does it for me (and I love the no label waistband). The fabric is soft and pleasant and the size fits nicely.

Boxer Shorts - Olive - Unisex
Sivan (Croydon, GB)
Love these

They're very soft and feel nice on the body, the colour is exactly as in the picture and the size fits nicely.

Linen Blend Grey Shirt
Stephanie Turley (Broomfield, GB)
Great quality

Fits really well and amazing quality highly recommend

Charcoal Shirt second - Charlie 1
Anonymous (Birmingham, GB)
Great shirt!

Fits really well and nice quality!! This is the first shirt I have bought from GFW and I will definitely be returning!

Love the rainbow buttons

This is a lovely shirt and the rainbow buttons make it that little bit special. Good quality cotton and a nice fit.

Charcoal Long Sleeve Shirt Alex 5 and a half
Hazel Williams (Daventry, GB)

Too puffy in the shoulders but a nice quality shirt

Polka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt
Katja Mathesius (Des Moines, US)

Polka Dot Long Sleeve Shirt

White Short Sleeve Shirt with Rainbow Buttons
Kirstie Langridge (Dagenham, GB)
Best shirts around

Amazing quality quick delivery perfect fit