Fat Boy Slim


Fat Boy Slim, musician and DJ in our bee print.

He bought two shirts in June '17.

"People always come up to me saying 'where do you get your cool shirts from?
And now I say - gender free world”


Lucy Spraggan



Lucy Spraggan, musician, in our signature penguin print.

"It's a really cool design and I love the fact in comes in different shapes.
This is a Charlie and it fits great.”





Mx Jack Monroe, the food writer. 

"A boxy cut that balances shoulders to hips. Excellent shirt, excellent cut, excellent customer service,
and I know shopping outside of the gender binary can be a frickin' nightmare so when I find something this good I wanna tell you"



Zoe Lyons

Zoe Lyons, comedian, wearing a Charlie black long sleeve.

"At last, someone who understands the market which doesn’t want to squeeze itself into a gender specific style.
I can now stop having to look in both sections to find something I like. It will be a shirt for life!”



Kathy Caton
Kathy Caton, Radio Reverb presenter and Brighton Gin founder, wearing our blue chambray shirt.

"The innovation of the hidden button is absolutely magic, as I am constantly buying shirts that don’t fit me and gape at the top.
It’s so great to get a shirt that is comfortable and fits!”



Based on 908 reviews
Bee Print Short Sleeve Shirt
Catherine (Bury, GB)

Bought it for my wife… we live in Manchester, do bees symbolic .. excellent quality, as usual .. 🥰

Leaves Print Short Sleeve Shirt
Catherine (Bury, GB)

Lovely colour… immense quality…

Autumn Leaves Long Sleeve Shirt
Janet Measom (Hove, GB)
Beautiful autumnal shirt.

This is the fourth shirt I have bought from GFW and I love them all. Beautiful prints. I particularly like the choice of fits - Billie is fantastic for my figure, fitted around the midriff but with room for my ample bosom. Interior button to prevent gaping is very welcome.

Boxer Shorts - Black - Unisex
Marlo (Rochdale, GB)
Super happy

Wasn't sure whether to go for these or other brands I was looking at (e.g. Tomboy X) but I thought I'd try these because they're local and I wanted to try the fit before buying a set of them. I like the look of boxers but I hate how they roll and bunch up under clothes, so I really like the bands round the bottom that keep them down but are still really comfy. Love the fit and comfort overall. I was between sizes so I went for the bigger size, was worried it might mean they're too baggy but they fit great.

Bee Print Short Sleeve Shirt
Jenn Oliveira (Boston, US)
Bee button down

This is by far the best shirt GFW has created this far. I get so many compliments on it. It’s adorable and the rich blue color looks so good with light colored pants. I just love it. Truth be told, this was the second one I’ve bought just to make sure I still have one in case the one I have ever wears out but I’ve been wearing it for three years and it’s still going strong. LOVE it. Also, bring back the chess shirt!! That’s my second favorite.

Bicycle Print Navy Short Sleeve Shirt
Gina Sunseri (Santa Barbara, US)
Love it

The Charlie 0 fits perfect. I’m 5’ tall, 105lbs, not curvy. Cute design.

Plum Short Sleeve Shirt
RBL (Poole, GB)
Beautiful bright shirt

I bought this as I love GFW's short sleeved shirts, and fancied a new one to add to my collection.

This one is a lovely bright colour, but sadly the shade was more purple than plum so wasn't right for me. Maybe plums are actually purple?! Would look great on most other people, but not with my bright ginger hair!

I was on the fence about the pattern, but got it because it was on sale. It's actually pretty great, the navy background is a little more apparent in person and the teal less bright when not on a backlit screen. The effect is still bright and eye catching, but not quite as searing. I was worried I wouldn't like the pink, but actually it's a good compliment which doesn't make me feel girly. I kinda want to go on holiday somewhere hot now so I can show it off. As always the fit is great (I got the Alex 5) and the best I've ever had in a shirt. I've not had any issues with the construction.

Blue Short Sleeve Shirt
Cat (Nottingham, GB)

Great shirt, got the Alex 5. I've never had shirts that fit as well as the ones from this company, from either the men's or women's sections. The colour is accurate to the photos, and I haven't had any issues with the construction. Wearing one of these is always a relief, finally something that fits me and also feels like me.

Boxer Shorts - Red - Unisex
Claire Outram (Barnsley, GB)
Super Comfy

2 reasons I love GFW shorts…first, they’re soft and wash well. Secondly, oh my gosh they are soooo comfy and I can wear them with my beloved skinny jeans 🩵 GFW you’re amazing 🩵

Gorgeous, Well-Fitting Shirt

I got an Alex cut of this shirt. The fabric is good quality, the shirt is well made, and best of all, it fits my body type, which has up to now been impossible, as they're always too snug on the hips, or loose on the chest. It's flattering and the print is absolutely gorgeous. I love this shirt already! Thank you GFW!

Boxer Shorts - Red - Unisex
Heather Farrell (Lymington, GB)
Red boxer short

Excellent as always. Comfy. Wash well. Have bought several pairs and don’t wear anything else. Well done guys and girls.

Autumn Leaves Dog Bandana
Andrea Allen (Tottenham, GB)
🐾 Pawsome bandanna

Pepe has a size 1, it fits perfectly and looks great with his colour. Style and quality is excellent. I shall be back for more... thinking fab idea for our furry friends Christmas stockings 😃


Love my new bicycle shirt. Added to my collection of GFW shirts and I love them! Wore this latest one on Sunday and loved it!

Sunset Starlings Short Sleeve Shirt
Rebecca Peterson-Fisher (Alameda, US)
Unique prints and it fits!

I love all the shirts I’ve gotten from GFW, I appreciate the sizing and different shapes available. It’s hard to find short sleeve button downs that fit my body. I always get compliments on my GFW shirts.

Autumn Leaves Long Sleeve Shirt
Andrea Allen (Halifax, GB)
Pepe's autumn leaf bandana

Fantastic! So excited to get a dog bandana that matches my shirt. Thank you GFW x

Beautiful shirt. Wish it fit me

I thought I was ordering a size 3. Received a size 4. Went back to the page and saw the note about the size 3 1/2 (the drop-down menu showed a size 3). It’s 8 cm longer than a size 3 so looks like I’m playing dress up in my daddy’s clothes. This is somewhat my fault for not understanding the sizing, even if the drop-down didn’t specify the half size. Contacted the company, got “sorry it didn’t fit. Here’s a coupon for your next order.” It will make a nice gift once I find someone it fits

Boxer Shorts - Indigo - Unisex
Leonard Engelschalt
Nice Gift

It was a gift for a friend. So i can't really say something about the product.
But the support and shipping was friendly, fast and generally great.

Nice Gift

It was a gift for a friend. So i can't really say something about the product.
But the support and shipping was friendly, fast and generally great.

Boxer Shorts - Teal - Unisex
Fox B (Tewkesbury, GB)
Great underwear

They're super comfy and keep everything concealed whilst remaining great to wear!

Books Long Sleeve Shirt
Jess (St Albans, GB)
Love it!

I find choosing clothes that fit really difficult. The level of support and customer service here was brilliant. I have a shirt that fits me well and is so comfortable to wear.

Cats Print Short Sleeve Shirt
Taz G (Wirral, GB)
Gorgeous print, not as generously sized as other

Love the shirt and the print is really cute. In comparison to other shirts of the same cut and size is a bit less generous- possibly it’s a slightly heavier cotton? It still fits but just not as kindly as some of the others I’ve had in the same size

O'Keeffe Smudge Boxer Shorts - Unisex
Leonard Engelschalt (Leipzig, DE)
Nice Gift

It was a gift for a friend. So i can't really say something about the product.
But the support and shipping was friendly, fast and generally great.

Cats Print Short Sleeve Shirt
Angela Hall (Ripley, GB)
Cat short sleeve shirt

Simply just love it , great service thank you

Unicorn Short Sleeve Shirt
Taz G (Wirral, GB)
Unicorn shirt

Really cute shirt, great fit for tucking in and a lovely non-binary vibe.