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Our Story 

GFW Clothing was founded in 2015 (part of Gender Free World Ltd) by a little group of like-minded individuals who passionately believe that what we have in our pants has disproportionately restricted the access to choice of clothing on the high street and online. What started as conversation about buying shirts that were essentially less feminine in their cut and colours, became an obsession with the highly gendered world of retail across the board. From clothing to gifts, toys and toiletries, we are forced to define a gender before making purchases. 

Let's take shirts:

For women this can often mean choosing from a limited range of pink or pastel, frilly, bust emphasising blouses. Where are the bold colours, interesting or fun fabrics and short sleeves? For men there is much more choice but usually assumes a traditional masculine shape with little variation, this is especially limiting for FTM transgender people. 

We are aware that the term 'gender' can be interpreted in different ways and can be controversial. Keeping it simple - we are not saying we want a world without gender, only that it is unfair that gender can limit and restrict your choices. 

Our shirts are designed with a gender neutral sensibility to fit body shape.  A looser cut with left over right buttoning and a hidden bust button to avoid gaping in the chest area.

Gender Free Shirts. Why are we unique?

People's bodies are all different, in addition to height and size there are variations in hips, bottoms, shoulders and chest sizes. One size does not fit all.

After extensive research we have created our shirts in 4 body shape templates: Alex, Billie, Charlie, Drew and these ranges accommodate those variations. 

Alex: wider hips.
Billie: for much larger busts.
Charlie: shoulders and hips similar proportions.
Drew: for those with broad shoulders, narrow hips and longer bodies. 

See sizing guide to get the best fit for your body shape.

Gender free values

1.Freedom: to be free of gender expectations. All genders can wear what they like regardless of what society thinks they 'should' wear.

2. Equality: love who you like regardless of their biology or gender.

3. Gender diversity: celebrating gender and body diversity in the spirit of free expression.

4. Quality: made to last and with attention to detail.

5. Fair: made in the UK, no sweatshop conditions or child labour.

We are proud to be offering you British produced quality shirts.

Find out more about our UK production here.

Made in Britain, a peek inside our UK factory.

Made in the UK - GFW Clothing

GFW Clothing @ Gender Free World Ltd
102 Portland Rd
Hove, BN3 5DN

tel: +44 (0) 1273 284482 

Showroom open Mon-Fri: 9.00 - 4.00 pm (and later by appointment) and  Saturday 11.00-4.00pm.

Call us to make an appointment out of these times for group fittings or events.

email: info@genderfreeworld.com.