Gender Neutral Clothing Company Launch

Gender Free World (GFW), a Brighton-based start-up providing clothing and products for individuals regardless of their gender, revealed their new brand of ‘clothing without labels’ at an exclusive event in the city on the 16th March.

The new range of shirts has been heralded by its designers as a necessary addition for all people and all body shapes who are keen to wear non-gender specific clothing which is stylish, fits their form and ensures that their fashion choices are free from prejudice. 

The launch event held at Werks Central on the Wednesday 16th March saw comedian Zoe Lyons, radio presenter Kathy Caton and representatives from Brighton’s contemporary tailor and designer Gresham Blake support the launch.

Local comedian Zoe Lyons attended the event wearing one of the new designs and was enthusiastic about the products after years of searching both the women’s and men’s sections in shops to find a shirt she liked which fitted her body.

Zoe Lyons at GFW Clothing LaunchThe award-winning radio host Kathy Caton from RadioReverb LGBT show OUT IN Brighton also attended the event and praised the uniqueness of the shirts for their stylish appearance and the thought which had gone into creating something which fitted so many different people regardless of their sex or gender.Zoe explained: “At last, someone who understands the market which doesn’t want to squeeze itself into a gender specific style. I can now stop having to look in both sections to find something I like. It will be a shirt for life!”

 The new range of shirts have been designed by GFW to promote fashion which portrays who individuals are through what they wear and the company have big plans for the future to branch out into children’s clothing, toys and more.

Lisa Honan, Co-founder and Director of Gender Free World, said: “We are designing shirts for those overlooked by the high street. For women who prefer a less fitted or overtly feminine style, it is not as simple as shopping in the men's section.  Men typically have wider shoulders and narrower hips so shirts designed for men may not fit many female bodies with the arms being too long and not enough room at the hips. We know there is a huge demand from the survey we did which showed that of the 173 people we talked to, over 80 per cent felt that they would welcome stylish, fitted shirts which suited them regardless of their gender.  An overwhelming amount of the feedback we received showed that whether they were slim, short, tall, busty or petite, the people we surveyed struggled to find clothes that fitted their personal choice.”

In order to make sizing simple for all body types GFW have created an easy to use sizing chart customers can use and will send out a bespoke tape measure with every order.

To help customers who may not be too comfortable with gender-specific sizes in various regions around the world the tape measure and sizing guide will ensure that everyone who buys from GFW will find stylish shirts in the colours they want and fitted to whatever body shape they desire.

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