Black and White Shirts for Business Women: Styling it out in the office.

Treat your shirt like a blank canvas - with black and white gender neutral work shirts for women, you really can add your brand of individuality.

Smart shirts for businesswomen and some of the best shirts for interviews are easier to find than you’d believe. What if you’d prefer a less fitted cut shirt for women for work wear, but you need the staples of a black or white shirt? One of GFW Clothing specialities is formal wear for women who love androgynous or masculine-inspired shirts for professional women.

We’re going to walk you through some of our most popular shirts for business women, as well as shirts for bustier women while still maintaining that masculine fit.

White Short Sleeve Shirt

The white short-sleeved shirt is a staple for any business women’s capsule wardrobe. We know short-sleeved shirts are synonymous with professionals in the summer, but this one is made from 100% medium-weight weight twill-cotton - perfect for throughout the year.


What makes the white short-sleeved shirt especially great for curvier business women is the hidden bust button designed to prevent gaping and maintain a truly androgynous fit. The white short-sleeved shirt is specifically made for women looking for a looser fit that doesn’t accentuate the bust or the waist.


White Long Sleeve Shirt

The White Long Sleeve Shirt comes in sizes Alex, Billie and Charlie and now this is also available with rainbow buttons. If you’re not familiar with GFW Clothing speak, this means we can cater to different body shapes and sizes.

 different body shape diagram - gfw clothing

The Alex size, for example, is for those of us who have wider hips and bigger bottoms. The Alex is ideal for women who have a classic pear shape or if your trouser size is a couple of sizes bigger than your top size.

The Billie size comes with 2 revese buttons to prevent gaping and no pocket. This is just so you can avoid any gaping issues when it comes to bust size.

white shirt 


Black Long Sleeve Shirt

As one of our most popular shirts for professional women, the Black Long Sleeve Shirt can be paired with almost any colour and pretty much any pattern.

As always, the Black Long Sleeve Shirt comes in Alex, Billie and Charlie sizes, so there are 3 body shapes and 7 or 9 sizes per shape. It may seem a little biased of us to say this, but this shirt really is a must-have for any bustier woman looking for a gender-fluid style. This shirt proves that curves don’t have to be the focal point of a business wear outfit for women. We also offer the Rainbow Button Black Long Sleeve Shirt for those of you who want to add a pop of colour to your formal wear wardrobe.

black formal shirt with rainbow buttons


Do you have any capsule work wardrobe hacks? Tell us all about it in the comments or on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages!

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