5 Fabulous & Inclusive Spring Trends

Spring is just around the corner and with a new season comes new inspirations from the fashion world.

From sage green suits to ball gown skirts, here are just a few of the latest spring trends to help you bloom into the season! 

Green is the colour...and so is coral

The Pantone Colour of the Year for 2019 is gorgeously calm “Living Coral”

...and the unofficial colour trend this season is natural greens. Think sage, basil and seaweed and you’re on the right track. It’s all about subtler, darker greens rather than brighter shades such as lime green. Two-piece herb-coloured suits very in right now thanks to its wearbility - it’s not too wacky but it’s just the right blend of sophisticated and unique. Living Coral, or any other coral for that matter, pairs very well with the natural greens.

 Source: Pinterest

Slowly (and ethically!) does it

Slow fashion is slowly making a comeback. We’re hoping this gradual shift to a focus on quality clothing rather than items made by companies looking for a quick profit. We have written previously about what slow fashion is and why it’s worth investing in clothing from ethical brands. So, it’s out with the disposable convenience clothing and in with sustainable, high quality clothes from smaller, indie companies! Isn’t it time we enjoyed fashion rather than became a slave to it?

Tailored everything

Pic. Lucy Spraggen in a King & Allen suit

Tailored tuxes, shirts catered to body shape, bespoke dresses - custom-made clothing is the way to go. We don’t just mean for this spring - it looks like tailored garments are here to stay for the long-haul Of course, we’ve created our clothing range to fit a whole host of body types from broad shoulders to bigger hips. It’s fantastic to see companies taking the initiative with clothing sizes. Some clothing companies are using 3D body scans to get the most accurate fit for their customers. Instead of finding a size that somewhat fits you, your size can find you.

Handbags for all genders

man and handbag

Pic @chhalyhun994

There’s no ‘man-bags’ any more...they’re just called handbags (because that’s what they are). Handbags of all shapes, sizes and styles were prevalent on the catwalk. Clutchbags also made an appearance too - with many designers opting for tassled versions. Across the shoulder messenger bags are all fine and well, but it’s saddle bags that are enjoying their place in the sun when it comes to the latest style.


Genderless fashion for all

diane keaton


Last year, genderless fashion only really meant female androgyny. This year, genderless fashion encompasses all genders - so men wearing skirts could finally be a style staple. Billy Porter looked incredible in a black tuxedo ball gown at the Oscars, while Diane Keaton rocked her suit collection on Instagram.

billy porter dress


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