Androgynous Charlie Q & A

Interview by Suki

When she first started posting memes on Instagram, little did she know she'd gain so much attention the world over. Now Charlie Tavenier, aka 'Androgynous Charlie' is winning hearts with not only her androgynous style but her cheeky charm too. GFW have a quick Q&A with her to discuss fashion, gender and defining her style...

 Androgynous Charlie in GFW Clothing Blue Shirt

How did you first start creating memes and gaining followers on Instagram?

I actually wanted to practice my facial expressions for acting gigs. Started putting pics together, and eventually combined one of them with a "funny" recognizable text and boom! Meme one was created. Thought that was pretty fun and my followers liked it too, so I created more memes which ended up in me getting even more followers.

Do you think Instagram is a big part of fashion and the promotion of genderless clothing?

Yes. Instagram is a very big part of fashion. There are so many clothing companies active on Instagram. Especially genderless / unisex clothing companies (I'm actually a promoter for couple of them).

How about your style? Do you have any influencers?

Not really, I just wear what I like (actually I wear what my girlfriend likes, luckily I like what she likes haha).Which is usually clothing from the mens section and this is why I think that genderless clothing should be out there more! Androgynous/tomboys/butches or whatever someone identifies as, have to shop at the mens section now, which is not a bad thing or anything, but it would be nice if the label 'mens clothing' could go away.

Do you think fashion is still too defined by gender labels?

Yes! See answer above.

For example, boxers. Do you prefer those created for men, or specially designed for any gender or specifically women?

I like men's boxers (because they're usually a bit larger than other boxers and they're also very comfortable) but I also like boxers that are designed for any gender (like Rodeohs) 

Do you have any favourite items that you think sum up how you like to dress?

Skinny/baggy pants, long tee, sweater/vest (I actually got a really cool one with the Jurassic Park logo on it, which is my favourite clothing piece, yes I am a bit of a dork), sneakers and probably a snapback.

And you are wearing a GFW Clothing Blue Chambray Shirt. How do you like it?

I love the shirt! It's like they knew my favourite color is blue!

How would you describe your style? 

I'd describe it as "Charlie".


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