Androgynous Fashion - 'Ice' Andro Fashion Show

GFW Clothing was delighted to be invited to take part in 'Ice' Andro Fashion Show in Atlanta (Dec 2016), showcasing the latest in androgynous fashion modelled by masculine and androgynous identified queer women, including studs, doms, and AG's.

Organised and hosted by Kia Comedy, the show took place on the 4th of December. As well as GFW Clothing, there were featured ranges from Tomboy X, Dapper Dames and Style is Freedom. The models really did our shirts justice, here are just some of the great pics and video footage from the event.

andro fashion show 'ice' gender free worldandro fashion show gfw clothingandro fashion showcheck andro

steph checkandro fashion show

andro fashion show dolphin and penguin gfw clothing

Models: Te'quila Martin, Fyre, Harlem, Steph Mold, Syncere, Shantell Jo, Amerri, Stephanie C, Makai, Toni.

Photography: Kaitlin Kolarik - @WanderLustJett 


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