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shirts for women with bigger boobs

Many women with larger boobs have been poorly served by mainstream fashion, especially if you like to wear shirts, either formal or casual. Many high street retailers only make sizes up to a UK 16 in one particular cut. But as we know people's bodies come in many different variations, height, bust or hips, bums, tummies etc. One size does not fit all.

Often a woman with a larger breasts will have to buy a size up in order to accommodate the chest area but then the front of the shirt hangs badly and there is too much material around the hips.

GFW Clothing has a whole range of shirts for curvy women

Our Billie range has subtle bust darts and additional room in the chest area. Designed specifically for women with bigger busts who like wearing a shirt. Many of our customers can take a smaller size than they have previously bought because the shirt fits better overall.

Regardless of your chest size, many women have experienced 'boob gape' where the bust is visible between the buttons. All our shirts have an additional reverse button which closes this gap. This is a useful addition, but especially important if you have a larger chest.

This video is presented by Nel, who is wearing a Billie one. No boob gape for her!

GFW Clothing offers tops for busty women because we think that it is a matter of equality! You deserve to have your style choices met with clothing that fits your body well. Our other shirt ranges accommodate the other variations in our bodies, Alex for wider hips, Charlie for a straight up and down cut, Drew for longer bodies and narrower hips.

Here is a quote from someone who nominated us in the National Diversity Awards

Saturday, May 27, 2017 - "Great idea - great clothes. Being a bigger boobed older lady l found it hard to obtain a smart/comfortable shirt to fit properly. I was frustrated with having to buy larger sizes, that hung everywhere, because 'my size' pulled or gaped on the front fastening. (Even Bravissimo couldn't accommodate). Now at last something that fits back and front - brilliant. Thank you GFW - even we oldies like to feel attractive."

Looking smart for work can also be an issue for women who like shirts but cannot find a fit that works well for them. We have solved this problem. Take a look at our current collection of long and short sleeve button ups - every design you see is available in the Billie range.

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