Boxer shorts for every body

We don't care about what is in your pants.

But we do care about your underwear.

Here at GFW, we pride ourselves on designing for bodies. We know that many of you love the gorgeous boxer shorts for women made by Tom-Boi, but we wanted to go a step further and create an underwear product which remained true to our ‘gender free’ ethos. First acknowledging that our bodies are different and and creating a product to accommodate those differences, at the same time allowing you to express your style choices regardless of physical differences. 

And here you have it. 

Introducing GFW Clothing’s ‘No Labels’ bamboo boxer shorts.

  • Unique genuinely unisex design
  • ‘no labels’ 3.5cm deep soft elasticated waistband
  • 95% rayon from bamboo 5% elastane
  • Moisture wicking, breathable.
  • Seamless construction
  • Made in Britain

Our unique design means that these super comfy boxers can be worn by anyone. A handy double layer where it matters, for those with external genitals or those without, yup everyone!

With bamboo's incredibly soft, stretchy but durable properties, we are confident that you will find these 'the most comfortable boxers ever'.

made in britain unisex boxer shorts

We chose bamboo for our underwear because although cotton is great; bamboo is even better!

Bamboo fabric is fantastically soft, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. you will notice the difference as soon as you feel it next to your skin. 

It is reported that fabric from bamboo is also great for allergy prone or sensitive skin. It's anti-static, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial.

In other words, the perfect fabric to use for underwear.

Made in Manchester, Britain, by the same company who makes Mary Portas' Kinky Knicker’s range.

More about the factory, Headen & Quarmby in this video

These two styles are the first in a range. Watch this space for more colours. 

unisex orange boxer shorts

What our customers have said:

"Lovely and soft" says Helen in London.

"I feel amazing, I want to dance" Charlie in Hove


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More about bamboo fabric

Bamboo is an ecological and sustainable resource. 

Bamboo has many advantages over cotton as a raw material for textiles. It grows very tall, very quickly and can grow in diverse climates. It also makes very efficient land use as it grows densely with average yields of 60 tonnes per hectare compared to cotton at 2 tonnes per hectare. Bamboo minimises CO2 and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.

The extensive root system of bamboo and the fact that it is not uprooted during harvesting means bamboo helps preserve soil and prevents soil erosion. The bamboo plant's root system creates an effective watershed, stitching the soil together along fragile river banks, deforested areas and in places prone to mudslides

Just like other cellulose-based clothing materials, bamboo fibre is biodegradable in soil by micro-organisms and sunlight. Having reached the end of its useful life, clothing made from bamboo can be composted and disposed of in an organic and environmentally friendly manner.

A huge benefit of using bamboo as the organic base for textile fibres is that there is no need for pesticides or fertilizers when growing bamboo. 


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