How do you tie a self tie bow tie?

We know how you feel, and it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, which is why we have made this handy step by step guide to stop you weeping in front of the mirror!


Dapper Style

The perfect gift for the dapper person in your life. There are many different ways of rocking Tomboy style, and a bow tie is one of them.

More and more people are wearing bow ties to complete their style. Our bow ties are adjustable and fit a smaller neck. See the collection...


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  • Why if your promoting gender free clothing which btw I love but in your write ups do you refer a lot to gender i.e. More and more woman are wearing bow ties I’m a trans guy and like said I love some of your styles but thought the whole point of gender free clothing was it didn’t matter what gender you are or are not

    Chace-Jordan ROwlands on

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