Clothing tips for trans men and trans masculine folk

"Not all bodies fit the binary. Not all clothing should either"

Good news! There seems to be a growing number of independent retailers offering a particular style for trans-masc people. At GFW Clothing we’ve partnered with Both&, who specialise in making incredible AFAB masc-presenting clothing for trans men and the trans masculine folk.

In their own words, Both& say “You need clothing designed for your body, that creates square shapes and helps you feel gender joy.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

Here are some of our best trans-masc clothing tips so you can feel 100% like yourself!

Binder-friendly t-shirts and vests

How often have you found the seemingly perfect t-shirt only to find the material is so thin that it shows the outline of your binder? Or how about loose-fit vests where the arm holes are way too long? This is a common problem with clothing catered to cis-men. But there are tops, shirts and t-shirts out there that keep binders in mind.

The Romeo tank top from Both& features narrow arm holes and a medium-weight material so you can rest easy knowing that your binder is hidden from view. The Khazeel shirt might just be the king of all binder-friendly t-shrits for trans-masc people. It’s a fantastic choice for non-binary and trans-masc people who prefer the streetwear look. The heavyweight cotton completely hides binder lines and helps create a boxy, bigger fit - genuinely a great choice for all AFAB body types.

tank top for binders

Khazeel T shirt

Bigger shoulders

Trans-masc folk looking to accentuate their shoulder width need worry no more! The Finnegan t-shirt could be the answer to bigger shoulders for trans-masc people. The slimmed-down sleeves give your body a minimal profile, reducing curves and creating a streamlined look. The raised collar is designed to cover binder lines, while the narrowed shoulder width emphasizes your chest and shoulders.

Finnegan T shirt

But what about if you’re looking for a more formal style? GFW Shirts have a boxy shape, which can create a more masculine aesthetic. For example, our charcoal long sleeve shirt is a smart wardrobe staple. It comes in 29 variants across four body shapes for the best fit possible. This includes Alex, Billie, Charlie and Drew. For more information on the sizing and body types, take a look at our guide here.

Bust, hips and curves

AFAB trans-masc people generally want to avoid clothing that highlights the hips, bust and bum. If you don’t want to wear a binder, but you have a bigger bust, then you could go for a shirt with a hidden bust button. This prevents the dreaded “bust gaping” situation we see all too often with clothing catered to cis male bodies.

Our Billie shirts could be an amazing choice for those of you’re “top heavy.” They’re specifically made to fit people with bigger busts. Our Alex shirts, on the other hand, accommodate people with bigger bellies or bigger hips, making them a popular choice for trans-masc people who prefer to wear short chest binders.

GFW White rainbow button shirt - Billie cut for bigger busts.


If you’re not keen on your hips, you could always use compression shorts. They hug your body and flatten your hips and thighs. However, just like a chest binder, make sure you’re not wearing your compression shorts for extended periods of time (over 8 hours).  

compression shorts for AFAB bodies

We hope you found our trans-masc clothing tips useful! If you have any go-to clothing tips for non-binary and trans-masc people, let us know on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

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Cover Photo by HamZa NOUASRIA 


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