GFW Clothing Short Sleeve Shirt Range

Your gender is irrelevant to clothing brand GFW Clothing. New Short Sleeve shirt range in store now.

Press release - 1/7/2017

Shirt’s don’t have a gender do they? They are just pieces of fabric stitched together. However the people who wear may may have a gender - but that is their business and not one that concerns gender free clothing producer GFW Clothing.

GFW Clothing’ s new short sleeve range was launched this week - and can be worn by men and women.

2016 has seen a buzz around gender neutral fashion with new lines from Zara and Levi’s in the first months of 2016 alone, however only this  fashion range aims higher and offers something a little more complex than hoodies or T Shirts, which are generally shapeless enough to fit most bodies.

Gender Free World (GFW) launched their first long sleeve range early this year have now introduced a short sleeve range, ready for summer, and able to be worn by male or female body shapes.  

These shirts are designed for all people and all body types who are keen to wear non-gender specific clothing which is stylish, fits their form and ensures that their fashion choices are free from prejudice. With these two ranges, GFW have broken new ground in the fashion world by providing 21 unique variants for each shirt to ensure that no matter what your gender or body shape, you can find a shirt you like, in a style you want, that actually fits you. This attention to detail in creating unique fashion design has proved to be one of the key successes for the brand.

The clothing line has already been a huge success with fashion industry representatives, designers and customers alike and award-winning gender fluid writer Jack Monroe promoted the shirts on Instagram saying “when I find something this good I wanna tell you”.

The feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive with individuals of different genders, sexualities and diverse body types and GFW Clothing director Lisa Honan believes this comes down to the fact that GFW are filling huge gaps in the fashion market. By listening to the issues of people who aren’t catered to by the mainstream fashion industry, not only are GFW Clothing providing great clothes that fit, but also helping to counter situations which can lead to sexual harassment, body shaming and other identity issues through restrictive fashion or image stigma.

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