Gender Neutral Clothing: Finding Your Look

Gender neutral clothing is often touted as “too masculine” or geared towards a more boyish look. However, there are a few hacks where you can pull off a truly gender neutral look without appearing too feminine or masculine. You can also achieve a gender neutral look and be feminine or masculine or anything in between…here’s how to do it!

Brilliant boxers

Boxers aren’t just for cis men…or even for those who want to express a more masculine look. In fact, boxer shorts are classed as gender neutral clothing. They’re perfect if you want to wear a skirt while you play sports. Women who played netball at school will know exactly what we mean - remember those short shorts we all wore under our netball skirts? They’re a form of jersey boxer short!

 gfw black boxer shorts

colourful gender neutral boxer shorts

For those of us who are curvier, boxer shorts can be a godsend. They can prevent chafing and the dreaded wedgy. In short, they keep everything in place and they’re incredibly comfy. And you can say goodbye to visible panty lines (VPLs) - boxer shorts blend very well with most clothing items, so VPLs are minimal or even non-existent. 

The beauty of boxer shorts is they’re multi-purpose. Not only can you wear them as underwear, but you can also use them as loungewear or even activewear on their own (yoga, we’re looking at you!). Boxer shorts are some of the most versatile gender-neutral clothing items you could ever own.

Here’s where we come in - we have a dazzling array of boxer shorts available. You can choose from vibrant purples, vintage paisley-inspired patterns, practical greens and many more. At GFW Clothing - the world is your boxer shorts oyster!

The good ol’ plain white tee

Nothing quite beats sliding on a fresh plain white tee to complete that gender-neutral look. Whether it’s a tight muscle-fit tee or or a cool oversized tee, you really can’t argue that plain white tees are gendered. 

white crop T shirt androgynous gender neutral

Credit: Poppy Pix @Shutterstock

The great thing about the classic white tee is they come in so many cuts, which makes them perfect for all body types. For example, if you want a boxier look for bigger shoulders then you could go for a crew neck slouch tee. Or if you want to show off your curves, you could go for a slim-fit v-neck. Crew neck t-shirts also draw attention to the face, whereas longer crew neck t-shirts can go well with bodysuits where you need to tuck in the shirt. Scoop neck t-shirts are a brilliant choice for those of you who want to accentuate the bust or elongate the neck.

white basic T Shirt Gender Neutral 

Credit @bothandapparel

If you have sleeve tattoos, a plain white tee does a fantastic job of showing off your ink. The contrast between the bright white and the darker tattoos makes for a striking look for any gender.

white vest top gender neutral style

FranciscoStockLife @shutterstock

Plain white tees and vests are essentially a blank canvas. You can accessorise them any way you like - from smart braces to knotting the t-shirt at the waist. They make a great base for showing off a zany or colourful pattern such as geometric patterned trousers and animal prints.

Gender neutral shirts

Collared shirts aren’t just reserved for the masculine look. We consider our shirts as the perfect complement to your gender neutral clothing style.

 penguin shirt

For example, our short-sleeved penguin shirt can be worn with a cute pair of overalls or a dungarees - ideal for all year round. Just pop on some boots for the winter or roll the legs up in the summer and pair them with tennis shoes or flip-flops. The same can be done for our massively popular unicorn shirt and, come to think of it, any of our shirts! 

 fun unicorn shirt for gender free expression

Of course, you could pair a GFW gender neutral shirt with trousers or shorts or even a gorgeous pinafore dress. It all depends on how you accesorise with a dress shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. We also have a range of plain shirts from plum to our linen blend light grey shirt. Some gender fluid people like to jazz up their shirts with a bow tie or a tie (not strictly for men!) and others love to add some glamour with a necklace and earrings. Why not mix it up with dangly earrings and an undone bow tie? Gender expression is a playground and we’re all welcome to it!

grey linen shirt 

Our shirts are particularly gender neutral as we cater for all body types and sizes. We want you to feel comfortable in your body and in the clothes you wear. For example, our ‘Billie’ sizing is a good choice for people with bigger busts and our ‘Alex’ shirts are especially for people with bigger bellies or wider hips. You can check out our sizing guide here!








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