GFW Lookbook Episode 4

Kate likes her blue chambray shirt. And she likes to team it up with a jacket or knitwear. Curious and curiouser....

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Kate wears Alex 3.


Hi and welcome to GFW Lookbook, today I'm
wearing the fabulous Chambray shirt, this is a
shirt which has matching collars and cuffs
look at that beautiful pattern, I love it very much
today it's pleasing me very much because
it is matching my purple trousers. I'm
also wearing my favourite Melvin Hamilton brogue boots

when I returned from work in the
evening I like to take off my jacket and
slip into something more comfortable
I like to wear my chambray shirt in the
evening with my knitwear. I love knitwear
and I love my Chambray shirt so when
I have a little tipple of a soiree
I love to wear my Chambray shirt and read

it's your shirt wear it how you like.

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