GFW Clothing Lookbook episode 9

Nel aspires to emulate a designer catwalk look this week.  

She calls it "high fashion" which refers to the most luxurious, elegant and expensive clothing from well known fashion designers. In France the term "haute couture" is used which has the same meaning. 

Let us know in the comments if she has!


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Welcome to GFW Clothing Lookbook. Now, I'm
lucky enough to be wearing one of these amazing
Indigo Blue
I mean it's just a detailing everywhere
a little bit of contrast on the sleeve
a little red button
a little bit of contrast going on here but you know I
love my Classic White... if you're lucky
enough two own two of these puppies or
more and you can't decide... well, you could
try this
so on my bottom half I've got my Classic
White, I mean, have you ever seen anything
so cool, done up, this is high high-fashion
there's not going to be anyone else out
there like you so when you got two do this
[Should I do a handstand?]
You can wear your GGFW shirt with whatever you want


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