How to boss your short sleeve shirt - GFW Lookbook.

We explore how to wear a short sleeve shirt with gender non-conforming model Rae.

Eleven years ago, Rae was scouted on a street in London and started modeling for some big-names. It didn’t turn out as expected though.

"The whole thing was horrible. I don’t want to name the companies but I did a shoot for a pretty big clothing brand but because I was so young and impressionable, I’d do anything anyone asked me to. I’d wear mini skirts but they would say “You’re too fat, your jaws too wide, your legs are horrible" and I just accepted it. Luckily, it didn't have a lasting effect on me, but you know, if it was someone else...say a sensitive young person, it could have been detrimental to them. Creating eating disorders etc. I stopped modelling because I saw how devastating it can be to young people, more recently I started again, trying to encourage people to wear clothes that make them comfortable, give a whole new light to fashion'. 

She now has a day job saving lives, but we are thrilled that she models for us, and she certainly knows how to boss a short sleeve shirt. Here she talks through some of her looks for our recent short sleeve fashion shoot.

gfw clothing short sleeve button up

Topman suit trousers. Oxygen shoes. Lips shirt GFW Clothing. I chose this because I love dressing up in smart gear, but I also don't want the run of the mill trouser suit. I want it to show my personality. Unfortunately the trousers are men's and don't fit comfortably. I can't wait for GFW to start making suits! 

GFW Clothing a Brighton Clothing Brand


Short sleeve button up bicycle print

Bike shirt by GFW Clothing

Even on my days off, when I have nothing specific planned, this bike shirt is the perfect smart casual clothing piece, that feels good on, and of course, has the hidden button to get rid of that dreaded boob gape. Criminal Damage black jeans, vegetarian Etnies trainers and the classic Harrington jacket (which I've owned for 10+ years and have no intention of getting rid of it). 

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