LGBTQIA+ Christmas Gifts Book Buying Guide

Stuck for Christmas present ideas - books make great presents or stocking fillers, especially a good book centred around LGBTQIA+ characters! From intersex love stories to feminist utopias, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite books featuring queer characters...



Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann

Not only is Let’s Talk About Love a book with an asexual’s an amazing
book with an asexual lead. Our protagonist, Alice, longs to cuddle and kiss the person of her dreams. She just doesn’t want it to lead to sex. The people she dates along the way,  although with good intentions, can’t  seem to separate love and sex. Then she meets Takumi...and he might just changer her life forever. This is a heart warming, witty and beautiful story about how love, sex and romance are all very separate things!



Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

If you’re looking for a book to obsess over  long after you’ve read it, Radio  Silence could be the answer. Millennials will  especially appreciate this book as it is  peppered with pop culture and music  references such as The 1975, podcasts and  London Grammar. Radio Silence is a  fabulous example of diversity done right. The  protagonist is biracial and bisexual, her best  friend is gay and demisexual….basically  everyone is queer in some way (how  refreshing!). This book is especially  important  for those of us who grew up in  abusive households, but now have “found  families.” It explores themes on going low/no  contact with family, the pressure of living up  to unrealistic expectations, the faults of the  education system and so much more.                                                       


Rough Paradise by Alec Butler

Terry is a bi-gendered, two-spirit person born with an intersex condition...and they’re about to fall in love for the first time. It’s a quick but powerful read - perfect for a quiet weekend in. However, it features a lot of heavy topics such   as conversion therapy, rape, assault and threats of unneccesary surgery on intersex people. It’s   inspiring to see these topics covered, though, as it helps start the dialogue on and with intersex people and their experiences.




The Female Man by Joanna Russ

The Female Man is a must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts! Written in the 70s, this book was ahead of its time. It’s widely considered one
of the best feminist science fiction novels...and for good reason. The story centres around three women each from very different worlds: Joanna, Janet and Jeannine.  Janet is from a world where a plague killed all  men around 800 years ago. Joanna comes  from a world where the feminist movement is  just starting and Jeannine lives on a planet  where the Great Depression never ended.  The novel questions gender roles and sexism  - something very relevant still to this day.


Herland by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman

From the author who wrote groundbreaking  novel Through the Yellow Wallpaper,  comes Herland by Charlotte Perkins-Gilman. Three male explorers arrive at a female-only island but are held captive by the women   (captive in a very loose sense of the word, as the women are pacifists). The novel was published in 1915, something we kept forgetting as we read it because it’s so   progressive. It’s written much like a scientific journal, which is a fascinating style in itself!






A Safe Girl to Love by Casey Plett 

A collection of stories all bundled up in one place, featuring the life and times of several trans women. It’s pretty diverse sexuality-wise with bisexual, lesbian and straight trans women, to name but a few. All the stories are deliciously written...and there’s even a story written from a cat’s perspective! Every story is carefully crafted, helping trans women feel seen and cis people empathise with the dreams and struggles of transgender women.





Erik the Pink by Matthew J. Metzger

This is one for those of you who are looking  for a sweeter, lighter story. The story is all  about parenting and pregnancy from a trans  gay male perspective. Andreas struggles to  adjust after his pregnancy and we see him  deal with his mental health issues such as  depression and dysphoria. This is a  character-driven story so it’s more about  emotions and experiences than the plot itself. It’s a fascinating read and a great introduction to trans male pregnancy and relationships.



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Are there any LGBTQIA+ novels you’d like to recommend? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages...or in the comments below!

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