Made in the UK fabric accessories for these times

Update England: masks to be worn on public transport from 15th June

We had such a success with our handmade face masks, which kept selling out as soon as they were listed, that we decided to use the London factory which makes our shirts to make us a bulk order.

Made from the same cotton poplin that we use for our fun shirts.


  • UK made face mask for domestic use
  • Purchase 2 : one to wash, one to wear
  • Two layers of tightly woven cotton fabric with over ear loops
  • Integral pocket so you can add your own filters
  • Pliable aluminium insert to shape to nose - can be removed and replaced

Please leave N95 respirators for frontline staff. Note: these are not medical grade but fabric masks can offer some protection and are a visual reminder to keep your 'social distance' and to not touch your face.

WHO advice on how to wear a fabric masks (non-medical)

How to wear a fabric mask dos and don'ts

Available in 4 sizes. You may need to adjust the elastic to get the best fit.

Adult 1- bigger (wider faces, facial hair)
Adult 2 - regular
Child ages 5-10
Child ages 2-5

Care instructions

Take care to remove from your head by the elastic, and do not touch the fabric. Handwash with hot water and soap, or leave to soak for a few minutes whilst you wash your hands

If you plan to wash in a machine remove the nose strip.

Also available are 2.5pm filter inserts and adjustable aluminium nose strips.


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