Community Focus - Spotlight on Liza

This is the first in an occasional series - Spotlight on Liza.

At GFW Clothing we believe passionately in community; without other people, connections and community, society is meaningless.  Last month we spoke with Lovely Liza from Lincoln. Liza has always struggled with shirts as she is small with a big bust and co-founder Nel and Liza found common ground as they talked about their mutual struggle to find shirts that fit well.  We sent Liza a small Billie shirt which has extra space for the bigger bust and a reverse button to avoid gaping across the chest. As an ambassador, Liza got busy out in her home town distributing flyers and having fun taking pictures in her shirt.

We spoke with Liza, who prefers men's shirts, and asked her how she felt about her 'gender free' shirt. She said “The fabric is super soft and fits beautifully - I’m proud to promote GFW Clothing shirts” 

We wanted to know more about Liza and found out that aside from her job and frolicking around Lincoln in our shirt she is working tirelessly to raise funds for her niece to have life changing surgery.

Shanais is an active 13 yr old who has developed severe scoliosis; a double curve in her back plus a curve in her neck and hip displacement. She is a very talented girl, enjoying singing and drama and doing sports, gymnastics and trampoline. Her family are trying to raise funds to get a less life limiting surgery performed in the USA. They need to raise £120,000

Liza is about to do an abseil as her niece wouldn’t let her cut off the rest of her awesome blue hair but Liza’s fear of heights is proving something that needs encouragement. If you’d like to help give Liza the boost she needs you can find out more and donate here.

Thanks to Jo Cooper for the introduction and taking the photos.

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