Spring Looks: 7 gorgeous gender fluid trends for this season

Technically, spring doesn’t start until the 20th March. But that doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead when it comes to new clothes. Here are some of the hottest spring trends right now and, of course, we recommend these trends for all genders!

Pretty in pastels

Photo: Insta Glenn Nelsonn Tan

Pastels, favoured by Millennials and Gen Z worldwide, have been “in” for some years now. Pastel slim-fit suits in particular are set to be a hit this spring. Some of the biggest hitting shades include baby blue, blush pink and duck egg hues.

Glenn Nelsonn Tan, pictured above, performs in a beautiful blush-coloured fitted suit, complete with chilled, open-neck shirt. What a wonderful way to welcome in the spring!

You could also get away with pastel and grids (as pictured below). The relaxed shades of pastels can compliment fine-lined patterns - really adding that oomf to your outfit.


Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Don’t be put off by pastels if you’re not the suit-wearin’ kinda person - you could go for chinos, oversize tees, slip-ons….practically anything looks pretty in pastel!

High-neck tees and jumpers with chains

Speaking of oversize tees, why not pair one with a chain or necklace? This could simply be a plain silver chain (as thick or thin as you like!) or a pendant-style sitting neatly over a crew neck t-shirt as pictured by Emma Schnieder below.


Photo: Emma Schnieder

If you are thinking of going for the chain and t-shirt combo, it’s best to stick with plain high-neck tees or even turtle neck jumpers. Winemeisthenewblack demonstrates this so well with a camo coat, padlock necklace and a plain white tee (below). The reason for opting plain tees is so the necklace becomes the statement piece! Ribbed high-neck jumpers also work well, though these look better with plain chains.

Photo: Winemeisthenewblack 

Checked shirts: Still the ol’ faithful!

The UK weather in the spring is temperamental at best, so, as always, checked shirts are a staple for anyone’s spring wardrobe! Bailey aces the checked shirt look (sorry, plaid for all the Americans out there!) with a long, superb-fitting red and black shirt.

Photo: Bailey 

The great thing about checked shirts is they can be customised to many different outfits and styles. Are you into the femme look? Boss it up with a smart hat, heels and gorgeous flowing hair just like mymateyates on Instagram.

Photo: Yates

Charity shops are the new trend goldmines

Charity shops aren’t so much a style per se, but they have exploded in popularity across all generations. A great example of a truly unique charity shop outfit would be juicycaturra’s layered look. They are a huge fan of “thirfting” (an American term for charity shop clothes shopping) and on their page they say “I always find myself landing at the intersections of ivy league, french workwear, and japanese street fashion. It sometimes feels like a silly intersection, but it’s my intersection, and I love it here.”


Photo: Juicycaturra

This just spells out everything that is glorious about thrifting. If you’re unsure about your personal style or you just can’t resist mixing and matching different styles, thrifting could be your thing this spring!

“But where can I buy second hand clothes? There’s a lockdown going on, dontcha know!” Very good question! Luckily, lots of charity shops in the UK have turned to selling their items online. Have a gander through the Oxfam website for starters - you’re sure to find a gem. Sue Ryder has an ebay store and Sense have a Depop store! Even we at GFW Clothing have a second hand clothing Facebook group.

There are so many benefits to charity shops - you’ll save loads of money, save the environment and donate to charity all at the same time. As Macklemore says in the song Thrift Shop  “One man’s trash that’s another man’s come up!”

Leather trousers: subtly smart

Leather trousers aren’t just for bikers...and they don’t have to be the overly shiny type, either. Faux leather trousers are coming back into style again (they always do!) and we say they’re perfect for the chillier spring days!

Oscar Thoyle looks absolutely stunning in a pair of dark red leather trousers with a retro-style Pride t-shirt. The trousers are subtle yet smart, so they’re a great “starter leather trouser” for those of you who are curious but not sure where to start!


Photo: Oscar Thoyle  

Flares: the love-hate relationship

Just like history, fashion trends sometimes repeat themselves. Flares are back again! Of course, they first took off in the mid-sixties, then became very unfashionable in the 80s. Then they came back with a bang in the 00s, went away for 15 years and now they’re back! It’s great news for vintage lovers.

Someone who does flares well is Owen Armstrong. Owen is giving serious Jim Morrison vibes with his nautical-inspired outfit, complete with flares, Breton-striped shirt and a black flat cap.


Photo: Owen Armstrong 

Zany shirts: A slow burning love story

As you may well know, colourful shirts featuring zany patterns are what we do best here at GFW Clothing. Spring is almost here...and that means it’s time to crack out the geometric prints and Polyneisan-inspired patterns.

Here is a sneak preview of a couple of our shirts, out soon. Yes we are on trend this season!



Do you have a go-to look for spring? Let us know on our social channels - we always love to hear from you!

If you’re in need of a spring clean when it comes to your wardrobe, make sure you check out our entire clothing and accessories range.

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